Join us this year for
our grand festival.


The National Cornbread Festival began as a simple idea. In 1996, a group of civic-minded local leaders and citizens got together to talk about the long-term future of South Pittsburg, TN. The question: how do we promote civic engagement and help local businesses?

It seemed natural to feature Lodge Manufacturing, the local maker of world-class cast iron cookware. South Pittsburg’s citizens wanted to find a way to feature Lodge and include tours of the foundry. A food-oriented festival was the winning idea.

The South Pittsburg community united to support the cause. Individuals volunteered, businesses and organizations joined in, and the first annual festival was a success.

Since the Festival began we have:

  • Landscaped streets
  • Built and supported athletic facilities and grounds
  • Supported boy scouts, schools and daycares
  • Donated to theaters, churches and libraries

Now, thousands of people come to South Pittsburg to see the sights, hear the music, feel the history and get their fill of cornbread.

Come See What’s Cookin’ at the Cornbread Festival!